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NZwaterman magazine

Olly has been in the boardsport insdustry since 1989 watching the growth of skateboarding, then snowboarding to its first Olympic games which he attended for New Zealand at Nagano in 1998. As an Athlete Olly has been a part of Marketing departments for companies such as Nike, Burton, Electric, Arnette, Volcom, 540s, Sorel, and more recently Ozone & Axis Kiteboards.

His acumulated experience in the field and behind the scenes has brought him to his first magazine project NZkiteboardmag, which covered most waterman sports in New Zealand upon the kitesurf banner. Recently the magazine was re-branded to represent the true genre of people who were kitesurfing in New Zealand & the World. NZwaterman magazine.

With a surplus of skills and hunger for varied experiences in the water to suit the changing conditions of nature, NZwatermen & women encompass the next level of water user, ecomplished athletes unchained from a single discipline. Kiteboard when its windy, Surf when its on, SUP when its flat, Spearfish for dinner, Hydrofoil just because..no hangups, just in the water everyday, on the right board for conditions!

NZwaterman magazine is published quarterly, free to read, free to subscribe, can be downloaded in various formats. Print issues are also available. Back issues of NZkiteboardmag magazines can be downloaded too. Visit www.nzwaterman.com by clicking here.